Thracian Museum of Education of the Educational Sciences Association

The Thracian Museum of Education of the Educational Sciences Association was founded in 1992 to collect and exhibit school objects, documents and books of historical importance, mainly Thracian and of the wider area. Such museums are currently scarce in our country and it is worth noting that, perhaps, is the only rich collection with photographs and a series of wonderful saved school objects that counts approximately two centuries of life. The Museum of Science in Educational Society is a…view more

Komotini Concert Hall

The idea to build a large cultural and conference center in Komotini began in the mid eighties. Finally, the study commissioned by the famous architect Nikos Valsamaki but the construction of it was delayed due to lack of funding. Eventually, a part of the building was constructed and completed in 2010.The Concert Hall of Komotini is located in Santa Varvara, near the camp Iliopoulos and is the third largest Hall of Greece. The purpose of the Concert Hall is to promote intellectual culture…view more

Komotini, a city for young people and those who feel young

The operation of the Democritus University of Thrace and the living of thousands of young students in the city in combination with the young people of our area , have given a special feature to Komotini.   Komotini is a lively city, full of young people who pulse with life. The activity of young people and student associations fills the city with actions and initiatives which are addressed to young people and  also to those who feel young. Cultural, educational, sports and entertainment…view more

Agia Paraskevi park

The newly remodeled municipal park of Agia Paraskevi, with tall trees, fountains and beautiful flowers which during the summer months operates as refreshment, is located in the center of Komotini. The playground near the refreshment stand offers countless hours of fun for young children while their parents are able to watch over them when enjoying their drinks.view more

Ptelea or Karagatseli and Marsh lagoons

They are two coastal, shallow lakes with salt water, muddy shores, sandy strips of land, BEACHES to the side of the sea and salt marshes. There is a link between them and separated by a dike. To the north and northeast, they are surrounded by irrigated, cultivated land. In the south, towards the sea, there are rocky shores.  The biggest flamingo populations are meeting in the Ptelea or Karagatseli and Marsh lagoon . The access is from the village Glyfada.        view more

Karatza lagoon

It is a small lagoon with salt marshes and a narrow coastal sandy beach. It’s surrounded by bare, partially cultivated hills with small islands and flat muddy land. The fishing station is located in the southeastern part of the lagoon. In the western part is the village Arogi. The Karatza lagoon is one of the most important areas in Greece for birds, with species which are breeding, migrating and wintering there.    view more

Ismarida lake, or Mother Lake

  The Lake Ismarida, formerly "Maternal or Mother Lake”,  is located south of Rhodope, east of Lake Vistonida and within 3 km from the sea, particularly the bay Anoikto. It occupies nearly an area of 2.3 square kilometers. The maximum depth is 1.5 m and the average depth is 1 m. It’s the only lake across Thrace which has entirely fresh water and has been identified among the 11 Greek wetlands of international importance protected by the International Convention Ramsar. A big part of the lake…view more

Environmental treasure

Just a few people know that in the Municipality of Komotini there is a special ecosystem, which hosts flora and fauna of rare and special beauty. The natural landscape of the Municipality of Komotini gives the opportunity to nature lovers to enjoy the mountainous regions of Rhodope , the traditional villages and wetlands, the beautiful beaches of Fanari, Arogi, Molyvoti and Mesi, which during the summer are attracting visitors from the whole region and neighboring areas and  also tourists from…view more

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was built in 1884, during the era of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. In the decade of 1950, architectural interventions were made and took its current form. Behind the tower rises the minaret of the mosque “Yeni Mosque” where the muezzin calls the faithful of Islam to prayer from the minaret balcony. In its courtyard; Mufti of Komotini, the religious authority of Muslims Rhodope, is housed. At the southwestern side of the assembly tower-mosque is the pedestrian shopping street of Ermou,…view more

Prophitis Elias beach

It is the beach of the synonymous seaside holiday village, next to the beach Imeros. During the summer months it receives visitors seaking for a quiet beach so that they can escape from the heat of the city. On the beach there is the refreshment room of the “Loss Restore Health Center” for military families. Finally, at the highest part of the beach lies the quaint little chapel of Prophet Elias, which is celebrated on July 20.  view more