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Αctivities for all and accessible activities for all

Komotini is not only a pioneer in infrastuctures of accessibility, but it is a really friendly city for people with disabilities. The activity of voluntary organizations, in combination with the actions they develop in collaboration with the Municipality of Komotini, make Komotini a city for all, without exclusions. Citizens of Komotini and the visitors can turn to the voluntary organizations for information, both for the services they offer and for the actions they develop. Indicatively, we…view more

Accessibility of beaches of the Municipality of Komotini

The Municipality of Komotini has a large coastline that combines beautiful beaches, landscapes of special environmental beauty, as well as tourist leisure and entertainment infrastructure for all interests. Most of these beaches are accessible by natural landscaping for everyone, both for disabled people and for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and of course for all visitors. However, the Municipality of Komotini has taken care to enhance the natural accessibility of the beaches, in…view more

Accessibility of public infrastructure and buildings

Komotini can be proud for many years, that it has taken important steps to become an accessible city for all. A city where all its inhabitants and visitors can cross it without any problems, especially through its historical and commercial center. At the same time, the Municipality of Komotini, in collaboration with other public and private bodies, systematically ensures that all public buildings and sights, as well as places of entertainment, sports and recreation are completely accessible to…view more

Accessibility of public transport

The Municipality of Komotini, apart from the fact that it is a municipality friendly to people with disabilities, has developed close cooperation with the Municipal KTEL of Komotini, in order to make the transportation within the city of Komotini accessible by public buses. For this reason, in the framework of this cooperation, there are buses in the city of Komotini that serve disabled people, so that all people have free access to their urban transportation.view more