Recreation Grove of Komotini

The grove of Komotini is the “green lung” of the city and it’s ideal for walking or jogging, biking, and games for children and adults. There are shaped areas with gazebos, tables, benches, paved paths, fountains and courts for basketball,volleyball and tennis.The park crosses a paved road that leads to the historic Fortress of Nymfaia. There is also a tourist kiosk where one can enjoy their favorite beverage or food, overlooking amphitheatrically  the plain of Rhodope, the town of Komotini,…view more

Military museum of Komotini

The Military Museum is located in 21st Armoured Brigade, at Mouziopoulou Camp, Leoforos Iroon, Komotini. It offers modern means of self-guided tours while, it enables the visitors to view other military museums and historic battles.   Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 09: 00 am - 14: 00 pm Wednesday: 17: 00 am - 20: 00 pm Saturday-Sunday: 10: 00 am - 13: 00 pm  view more

Mansion Dermertzoglou

The Mansion Dermetzoglou is a declared historical monument and artwork, being under the state’s protection in accordance with the provisions of N 1469/50. It is a one-storey building with semi basement that follows the principles of the early neoclassicism. The morphology follows the aesthetics of the archaic residences. The four fluted pilasters are crowned with Doric capitals and support the pediment which is richly decorated with triangular reliefs. Another very interesting feature of the…view more

Jewish Monument of Komotini

The monument was built in the middle of the decade of 2000 and it was placed in the Alsos of Agia Paraskevi in the center of Komotini. The intention of the Municipality was to honor the approximately 1350 Jews of Komotini, victims of the Holocaust of the World War II. The Jews of Komotini were gathered unexpectedly on 4th March 1943 by the Bulgarian occupation authorities and were transferred to the Danube Port of Lom in Bulgaria. There, they were loaded into three barges one of which sank…view more

The Collection of the Papanikolaou Foundation

The Collection of the Museum of Papanikolaou Foundation is left away from the eyes of visitors, the interest of scientists and the affection of the people of Komotini. This unique collection, which has been gathered over years by the late notary Papanikolaou, is housed in its namesake building. The building, as it is known was built on the property donated by the Municipality of Komotini to the charitable foundation called "Foundation - Family Zafiriou Nicholas Papanicolaou - notary of Komotini…view more

City of culture

Komotini is a city, whose historical continuity is captured in front of the eyes of the visitor, while its living cultural tradition is an integral part of its daily life. Archaeological findings testify activity from the ancient Greek years and the Roman period, while the city of Komotini was developed during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The Balkan Wars marked the liberation of Komotini and its integration into the Hellenic Republic, which was sealed with the diplomatic victory of the…view more

Let's go to the central square

The central square is the reference point of the city of Komotini. The large plane trees and the fountain offer a welcoming atmosphere to the visitor. Surrounded by famous cafes, it provides easy access to all points of interest. The visitor, who stands in the main square, will be oriented very easily, whichever route he chooses. On one side you can be found in the park of Agia Paraskevi, while on the other side you can pass through all the commercial streets of the city. Venizelou pedestrian…view more

Papikio Mountain

It is a habitat “Corine” under the code A00020009. It is mainly a forested mountain except the areas close to the Bulgarian border. Its residents are mostly herders, who maintain a particular type of forest for grazing purposes. Forests of beech can be encountered over the altitude of 900 m. Overall, the area has significant fauna such as vultures, eagles, Ciconia nigra (black stork) and Canis lupus (wolves). The surrounding areas are also important for the wildlife, with a wide range of…view more

Mesi beach

Three miles east of Fanari is located the beautiful Mesi beach next to the natural vivarium of Karatzas lake. There is also created a holiday village with permanent homes in that place. The beach is accessible from Mesi Village 5 km norther.    view more

Constantine Caratheodory Museum

It’s already operated as a research center. Originating from Vyssa of Evros, opposite to Adrianople, Konstantinos Karatheodoris was born in Berlin on 13 September 1873 where his father was the ambassador of Turkey. He became a leading mechanical and mathematical worldwide, worked as a professor at four German Universities and Metsovio Polytechnic while he undertook with the behest of Venizelos to organize the Ionian University in Izmir, Athens and Thessaloniki. The work of Karatheodori has…view more