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The Central Heroon (Spathi)

It’s located in the west outer side of the municipal grove. In the center you can see a 14m high column that bears a huge metal simulacrum of sword, mounted vertically. This whole impressive structure is covered by white marble. The Memorial is the center of celebration for national and other anniversaries. This is the point that the wreaths are taking place and every Sunday you can see the raising and lowering of the Greek flag with a military escort and the Philharmonic playing the national…view more

Greek Urban School of Nestoras Tsanaklis

It is known that Nestor Tsanaklis, a large tobacco trader from Komotini, emigrant in Cairo, financed in the early of 20th century the construction of an Urban School. The building was inaugurated in 1907. It was given the name “Tsanakleios School” in honor of the benefactor of the city, who was sending the amount of 200 gold sovereigns for the salaries of the teachers of the Greek community for several years. For the construction of the Greek Urban School, he was granted by the Ottoman rule of…view more

Folklore Museum of Komotini

The Folklore Museum of Komotini is owned by the Educational Association of Komotini and has operated since 1962. It is housed in the mansion of Peidis in St. George str. since 1989, which is a characteristic example of local traditional architecture and restored exemplary. Through its exhibits appears the life and beauty of the Thracian art of cities and countryside. The rich collection of objects spread out over two floors, the basement, and the shed yard. Traditional costumes, embroidery,…view more

The Old Market of Komotini

The old market of Komotini presents a special interest. Bounded by the roads Orpheos, Syntagmatos Kritwn, Vas.Pavloy, Pl. Ifaistou, Kanari, Kilkis, Androutsou, Gravia, Xenophontos and Venizelou. The market dates back to the Ottoman era, and is included in a Hippodameios planning system with small streets and beautiful pergolas built by the Municipality of Komotini in the 1990s. A special characteristic is the extremely small area of the shops. Here you will find every kind of shop from antique…view more

Fortress and the Byzantine Wall of Komotini

The largest and oldest monument of the town… It was built around the 4th AD century for financial and military reasons since from here Egnatia Str was passing. Emperor Theodosius I (379-395 AD) fenced the city of Komotini because it was considered as a point of strategic importance. The city was fortified by a wall built with stones for military-economic reasons and because Egnatia Street was passing from here. It had sixteen towers, twelve of them were rectangular and four of them circular on…view more

Mansion Staliou

The mansion Stalios (current property of the Kyrarzoglou brothers) is a declared historical monument and artwork, being under the state’s protection in accordance with the provisions of N 1469/50. It is a two-storey building with basement built in 1833, with its main façade to be characterized by strict neoclassical symmetry. The pilasters “mpouniato”, crowned with Corinthian capitals, are dividing the façade into three parts. Worthwhile elements of the building are the semicircular balcony of…view more

Military museum of Komotini

The Military Museum is located in 21st Armoured Brigade, at Mouziopoulou Camp, Leoforos Iroon, Komotini. It offers modern means of self-guided tours while, it enables the visitors to view other military museums and historic battles.   Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 09: 00 am - 14: 00 pm Wednesday: 17: 00 am - 20: 00 pm Saturday-Sunday: 10: 00 am - 13: 00 pm  view more

Jewish Monument of Komotini

The monument was built in the middle of the decade of 2000 and it was placed in the Alsos of Agia Paraskevi in the center of Komotini. The intention of the Municipality was to honor the approximately 1350 Jews of Komotini, victims of the Holocaust of the World War II. The Jews of Komotini were gathered unexpectedly on 4th March 1943 by the Bulgarian occupation authorities and were transferred to the Danube Port of Lom in Bulgaria. There, they were loaded into three barges one of which sank…view more

Mansion Dermertzoglou

The Mansion Dermetzoglou is a declared historical monument and artwork, being under the state’s protection in accordance with the provisions of N 1469/50. It is a one-storey building with semi basement that follows the principles of the early neoclassicism. The morphology follows the aesthetics of the archaic residences. The four fluted pilasters are crowned with Doric capitals and support the pediment which is richly decorated with triangular reliefs. Another very interesting feature of the…view more

The Collection of the Papanikolaou Foundation

The Collection of the Museum of Papanikolaou Foundation is left away from the eyes of visitors, the interest of scientists and the affection of the people of Komotini. This unique collection, which has been gathered over years by the late notary Papanikolaou, is housed in its namesake building. The building, as it is known was built on the property donated by the Municipality of Komotini to the charitable foundation called "Foundation - Family Zafiriou Nicholas Papanicolaou - notary of Komotini…view more