Papikio Mountain

It is a habitat “Corine” under the code A00020009. It is mainly a forested mountain except the areas close to the Bulgarian border. Its residents are mostly herders, who maintain a particular type of forest for grazing purposes. Forests of beech can be encountered over the altitude of 900 m. Overall, the area has significant fauna such as vultures, eagles, Ciconia nigra (black stork) and Canis lupus (wolves). The surrounding areas are also important for the wildlife, with a wide range of habitats.
In the 11th century in the area of Papikio was flourished a monastic state. It has great cultural interest- illustrated by the number of churches scattered throughout the mountainous area that are fully excavated and can be visited. Their names are not taken from names of Saints, but from the nearest settlement:
• The Church A of Kerasia
• The Church B of Kerasia
• The Monastic complex of Sosti
• The Monastic complex of Linos
To access the Papikio Mountain there are forest roads that are starting from the villages Polianthos, Linos, Sostis, Misxos and Thamna, but there is not access across it. To visit this natural beauty you will need an experienced guide.