The Central Heroon (Spathi)

It’s located on the west outer side of the municipal grove. In the center you can see a 14m high column , that bears a huge metal simulacrum of sword, mounted vertically. This whole impressive structure is covered by white marble. The Memorial is the centerpiece of the celebration of national and other anniversaries. This is the place that the wreaths are happening and every Sunday you can see the raising and lowering of the Greek flag with a military escort and the Philharmonic playing the…view more

Greek Urban School of Nestoros Tsanaklis

It is known that Nestor Tsanaklis, a large tobacco trader from Komotini, emigrant in Cairo, financed in the early 20th century the construction of an Urban School. The building was inaugurated in 1907. It was given the name “Tsanakleios School” in honor of the benefactor of the city, who was sending the amount of 200 gold sovereigns for the salaries of the teachers of the Greek community for several years. For the construction of the Greek Urban School, he was granted by the Ottoman rule of the…view more

Papikio Mountain

It is a habitat “Corine” under the code A00020009. It is mainly a forested mountain except the areas close to the Bulgarian border. Its Residents are mostly herders, who maintain a particular type of forest for grazing purposes. Forests of beech can be encountered over the altitude of 900 m. Overall, the area has significant fauna such as vultures, eagles, Ciconia nigra (black stork) and Canis lupus (wolves). The surrounding areas are also important for the wildlife, with a wide range of…view more

City of flavors

In Komotini you can enjoy an unexpected trip, that you never expected to live. Flavors and aromas unprecedentedly spring from every corner of the city, as you walk through it and entice the senses. The smell of freshly brewed coffee, with various blends and flavors, awakens the senses, emerging from the coffee mills of the center of Komotini. The unique loukumi and straws offers flavors that you will not find anywhere else, except in Komotini. In the restaurants of the city and Fanari, but…view more

Mansion Staliou

The mansion Stalios (current property of the Kyrarzoglou brothers) is a declared historical monument and artwork, being under the state’s protection in accordance with the provisions of N 1469/50. It is a two-storey building with basement built in 1833, with its main façade to be characterized by strict neoclassical symmetry. The pilasters “mpouniato”, crowned with Corinthian capitals, are dividing the façade into three parts. Worthwhile elements of the building is the semicircular balcony of…view more

Military museum of Komotini

The Military Museum, is located at the space oh the 21st Armoured Brigade, at Mouziopoulou Camp, Leoforos Heroes, Komotini. It offers modern means of self-guided tours while, it enables the visitors to wiew other military museums and historic battles.   Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 09: 00 a.m - 14: 00 p.m Wednesday: 17: 00 a.m - 20: 00 p.m
Saturday-Sunday: 10: 00 a.m - 13: 00 p.m     Free entrance  view more

Molyvwti beach

A calm and free beach that appears to be unaware of “life style”, chairs and plastic coffee cups. Some handmade wooden umbrellas await those who will choose it, the zealots of rest, contemplation, mental and spiritual purity. Shortly before the beach you can find the archaeological site of Ancient Strymni where an ongoing excavation is in progress but unfortunately the site is not open to visitors. The beach Molyvwti is the ideal destination for those who love solitude, snorkeling and fishing.…view more

Recreation Grove of Komotini

The grove of Komotini is the “green lung” of the city and it’s ideal for walking or jogging, biking, and game for children and adults. There are shaped areas with gazebos, tables, benches, paved paths, fountains, basketball, volleyball and tennis. The park crosses a paved road that leads to the historic Fort of Nymfaia. There is also a tourist kiosk where one can enjoy their favorite beverage or food, overlooking through the amphitheater the plain of the Rhodope, the town of Komotini, its…view more

Mansion Dermertzoglou

The Mansion Dermetzoglou is a declared historical monument and artwork, being under the state’s protection in accordance with the provisions of N 1469/50. It is a one-storey building with semi basement that follows the principles of the early neoclassicism. The morphology follows the aesthetics of the archaic residences. The four fluted pilasters are crowned with Doric capitals and support the pediment which is richly decorated with triangular reliefs. Another very interesting feature of the…view more

Fanari beach

Fanari and its BEACHES are the leading summer destination in Thrace. Breathtaking BEACHES with sand and well equipped, two Camping, four hotels, hundreds of apartments, taverns, restaurants bars, shops, ATMs, banks, gas stations and many more make Fanari an ideal place for summer holiday. Within walking distance there is the lagoons cluster of Rhodope with abundant birdlife and fantastic sunsets which transform Fanari into a magical place. Among others, it is the closest and most loved…view more