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…at the sea

…at the sea   The coastline of the Municipality of Komotini is characterized by sandy beaches and clear blue waters. The whole coastal area is easily accessible for all and extends from the beach of Fanari to the beach of Molyvoti. Many places have a Blue Flag and the visitor can enjoy moments of relaxation, either on the free beaches or at the beach bars located in the area. The beaches of the Municipality of Komotini are in the western part of the municipality and are easily accessible by…view more

City of flavors

In Komotini you can enjoy an unexpected trip, that you have never expected to live. Flavors and aromas unprecedentedly spring from every corner of the city, as you walk through  and entice the senses. The smell of freshly brewed coffee with various blends and flavors,emerging from the coffee mills of the center of Komotini, awakens the senses. The unique loukumi and straws of our region offer flavors that you will not find anywhere else, except in Komotini. Not only in the restaurants of the…view more

Let's go to the central square

The central square is the reference point of the city of Komotini. The large plane trees and the fountain offer a welcoming atmosphere to the visitor. Surrounded by famous cafes, it provides easy access to all points of interest. The visitor, who stands in the main square, will be oriented very easily, whichever route he chooses. On one side you can be found in the park of Agia Paraskevi, while on the other side you can pass through all the commercial streets of the city. Venizelou pedestrian…view more

City of culture

Komotini is a city, whose historical continuity is captured in front of the eyes of the visitor, while its living cultural tradition is an integral part of its daily life. Archaeological findings testify activity from the ancient Greek years and the Roman period, while the city of Komotini was developed during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The Balkan Wars marked the liberation of Komotini and its integration into the Hellenic Republic, which was sealed with the diplomatic victory of the…view more

Komotini, a city for young people and those who feel young

The operation of the Democritus University of Thrace and the living of thousands of young students in the city in combination with the young people of our area , have given a special feature to Komotini.   Komotini is a lively city, full of young people who pulse with life. The activity of young people and student associations fills the city with actions and initiatives which are addressed to young people and  also to those who feel young. Cultural, educational, sports and entertainment…view more

Environmental treasure

Just a few people know that in the Municipality of Komotini there is a special ecosystem, which hosts flora and fauna of rare and special beauty. The natural landscape of the Municipality of Komotini gives the opportunity to nature lovers to enjoy the mountainous regions of Rhodope , the traditional villages and wetlands, the beautiful beaches of Fanari, Arogi, Molyvoti and Mesi, which during the summer are attracting visitors from the whole region and neighboring areas and  also tourists from…view more