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Fanari beach

  Fanari and its BEACHES are the leading summer destination in Thrace. Breathtaking and well equipped  beaches with sand , two Campings, four hotels, hundreds of apartments, taverns, restaurants bars, shops, ATMs, banks, gas stations and many more make Fanari an ideal place for summer holidays. Within walking distance, there is the lagoons cluster of Rhodope with abundant birdlife and fantastic sunsets which transform Fanari into a magical place. Among others, it is the closest and most loved…view more

Molyvoti beach

A calm and free beach that appears to be unaware of “life style”, chairs and plastic coffee cups. Some handmade wooden umbrellas await those who will choose it, the zealots of rest, contemplation, mental and spiritual purity. Shortly before the beach you can find the archaeological site of Ancient Strymni where an ongoing excavation is in progress but unfortunately the site is not open to visitors. The  Molyvoti beach is the ideal destination for those who love solitude, snorkeling and fishing…view more

Recreation Grove of Komotini

The grove of Komotini is the “green lung” of the city and it’s ideal for walking or jogging, biking, and games for children and adults. There are shaped areas with gazebos, tables, benches, paved paths, fountains and courts for basketball,volleyball and tennis.The park crosses a paved road that leads to the historic Fortress of Nymfaia. There is also a tourist kiosk where one can enjoy their favorite beverage or food, overlooking amphitheatrically  the plain of Rhodope, the town of Komotini,…view more

Papikio Mountain

It is a habitat “Corine” under the code A00020009. It is mainly a forested mountain except the areas close to the Bulgarian border. Its residents are mostly herders, who maintain a particular type of forest for grazing purposes. Forests of beech can be encountered over the altitude of 900 m. Overall, the area has significant fauna such as vultures, eagles, Ciconia nigra (black stork) and Canis lupus (wolves). The surrounding areas are also important for the wildlife, with a wide range of…view more

Mesi beach

Three miles east of Fanari is located the beautiful Mesi beach next to the natural vivarium of Karatzas lake. There is also created a holiday village with permanent homes in that place. The beach is accessible from Mesi Village 5 km norther.    view more

Ptelea or Karagatseli and Marsh lagoons

They are two coastal, shallow lakes with salt water, muddy shores, sandy strips of land, BEACHES to the side of the sea and salt marshes. There is a link between them and separated by a dike. To the north and northeast, they are surrounded by irrigated, cultivated land. In the south, towards the sea, there are rocky shores.  The biggest flamingo populations are meeting in the Ptelea or Karagatseli and Marsh lagoon . The access is from the village Glyfada.        view more

Ismarida lake, or Mother Lake

  The Lake Ismarida, formerly "Maternal or Mother Lake”,  is located south of Rhodope, east of Lake Vistonida and within 3 km from the sea, particularly the bay Anoikto. It occupies nearly an area of 2.3 square kilometers. The maximum depth is 1.5 m and the average depth is 1 m. It’s the only lake across Thrace which has entirely fresh water and has been identified among the 11 Greek wetlands of international importance protected by the International Convention Ramsar. A big part of the lake…view more

Prophitis Elias beach

It is the beach of the synonymous seaside holiday village, next to the beach Imeros. During the summer months it receives visitors seaking for a quiet beach so that they can escape from the heat of the city. On the beach there is the refreshment room of the “Loss Restore Health Center” for military families. Finally, at the highest part of the beach lies the quaint little chapel of Prophet Elias, which is celebrated on July 20.  view more

Karatza lagoon

It is a small lagoon with salt marshes and a narrow coastal sandy beach. It’s surrounded by bare, partially cultivated hills with small islands and flat muddy land. The fishing station is located in the southeastern part of the lagoon. In the western part is the village Arogi. The Karatza lagoon is one of the most important areas in Greece for birds, with species which are breeding, migrating and wintering there.    view more

Rhodope Mountains

The region of Rhodope prefecture is classified into three zones. The first that occupies the southern part is almost flat. The second extends north along the first and occupies the center of the Prefecture’s region to the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains. The third zone is located in the north of the second region and occupies the mountainous part. The South East part of the prefecture has also a mountainous terrain with the impressive Ismaros mountain. The highest peaks is the Papikio (1460 m…view more