The Collection of the Papanikolaou Foundation

The Collection of the Museum of Papanikolaou Foundation is left away from the eyes of visitors, the interest of scientists and the affection of the people of Komotini. This unique collection, which has been gathered over years by the late notary Papanikolaou, is housed in its namesake building. The building, as it is known was built on the property donated by the Municipality of Komotini to the charitable foundation called "Foundation - Family Zafiriou Nicholas Papanicolaou - notary of Komotini - Spiritual Centre - Museum - House of Arts of Komotini." The building that houses the institution, alongside the Administration building of The Prefecture, is a two-storey building with basement. On the second floor, with an area of 886 square meters, are illustrated rare exhibits such as manuscripts on papyrus or parchment, pottery and artifacts first posted in the Byzantine period, within an impressive exhibition of 120 large glass showcases. On the first floor, there is the amphitheater with a capacity of 420 seats. The exhibition is also extended on the basement. On the same floor, the library and the laboratories of Christian hagiography and woodcarving will be settled. You can visit the Museum, after getting in consultation with the Diocese of Komotini which manages the building.