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The Collection of the Papanikolaou Foundation

The Collection of the Museum of Papanikolaou Foundation is left away from the eyes of visitors, the interest of scientists and the affection of the people of Komotini. This unique collection, which has been gathered over years by the late notary Papanikolaou, is housed in its namesake building. The building, as it is known was built on the property donated by the Municipality of Komotini to the charitable foundation called "Foundation - Family Zafiriou Nicholas Papanicolaou - notary of Komotini…view more

Residence at 15 Tsanaklis Street

It was declared protected monument under the state legislation N 1469/50. The two-storey building with its surroundings (the plot) as it is a remarkable example of neoclassical architecture that, together with the other neoclassical buildings on the Tsanakli Street constitutes an important historical district in Komotini. All the openings of the building have a rich decorative framing, with arched lintels configurations. The corners of the building are formed by non-bearing columns with…view more

Building at 10 Venizelos Street

The building at 10 Venizelos Street, property of the family Theologos - together with the surroundings of its plot - is a declared historical monument and artwork that needs special government protection. It is a remarkable example of Greek architectural heritage, with interesting structural and morphological elements of the local architecture and it is important for the study of the history of architecture. Ownership: Theologos  view more

Agia Paraskevi park

The newly remodeled municipal park of Agia Paraskevi, with tall trees, fountains and beautiful flowers which during the summer months operates as refreshment, is located in the center of Komotini. The playground near the refreshment stand offers countless hours of fun for young children while their parents are able to watch over them when enjoying their drinks.view more

Ruins of the Byzantine city Anastasioupolis

In Gratini, the ruins of the Byzantine city, after the destruction of Mosynoupoli the 14th century, were the most important center of the region. It’s situated near the village Gratini at the foothills of Rhodope, 19 km northeast of Komotini. Outside the city walls have been excavated a small, probably funerary chapel of the 13th century. To the north of Gratini, near the village Paterma in the forest is still preserved the medieval bridge with three arches. In the same area you can find ruins…view more

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was built in 1884, during the era of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. In the decade of 1950, architectural interventions were made and took its current form. Behind the tower rises the minaret of the mosque “Yeni Mosque” where the muezzin calls the faithful of Islam to prayer from the minaret balcony. In its courtyard; Mufti of Komotini, the religious authority of Muslims Rhodope, is housed. At the southwestern side of the assembly tower-mosque is the pedestrian shopping street of Ermou,…view more

Constantine Caratheodory Museum

It’s already operated as a research center. Originating from Vyssa of Evros, opposite to Adrianople, Konstantinos Karatheodoris was born in Berlin on 13 September 1873 where his father was the ambassador of Turkey. He became a leading mechanical and mathematical worldwide, worked as a professor at four German Universities and Metsovio Polytechnic while he undertook with the behest of Venizelos to organize the Ionian University in Izmir, Athens and Thessaloniki. The work of Karatheodori has…view more

Building at the Joachim III Street

The building at the Joachim III Street, property of Ant. Georgios, together with the surroundings of its plot, are declared historical monument and artwork that needs special government protection, as it is a remarkable example of folklore-urban architecture of the beginning of the century and it is important for the study of the history of architecture. It is a property of Ant. Georgios and it can be seen only from the outside since it is not accessible for the public.    view more

Tobacco Warehouse at 8 Parnassus Street

It is a declared historical monument as it represents one of the few examples of tobacco warehouses that remain in the city of Komotini, testifying the past development of the last century and early this century, due to the processing and marketing of tobacco. The building belongs to the Technical Chamber of Thrace and can be visited on request during the evenings.  view more

The Old Heroon

It is located in the little grove opposite to the Archeological Museum. It is the work of the talented local sculptor Peter Moschidis and it is made of pure marble in 1930. The names of 63 people from Komotini, who were sacrificed in the Greek-Italian war of 1940-41, are graven on the lately added two big marble plaques. The Memorial is not used today but it lies deep within the heart of the whole city, because among other things, is an important work of art.  view more