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Rhodope Mountains

The region of Rhodope prefecture is classified into three zones. The first that occupies the southern part is almost flat. The second extends north along the first and occupies the center of the Prefecture’s region to the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains. The third zone is located in the north of the second region and occupies the mountainous part. The South East part of the prefecture has also a mountainous terrain with the impressive Ismaros mountain. The highest peaks is the Papikio (1460 m…view more

Xirolimni Lagoon

It is a coastal lagoon separated from the sea by a sandy beach on the eastern edge of Fanari, west of the village Arogi. The lagoon consists of the main habitat types of salt marshes and some reeds.  There is a reforestation of various species (Populus alba, Acer negunto etc.) and courts (basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.) between the lagoon and the sea coast, within 500-800 meters. There is a hunting lodge at the northern shore of the lagoon, while in the Southeast  a fishing station is…view more

Arogi beach

The Arogi Beach is the natural continuation of the Fanari Beach which is extended until Arogi Bay. It is an organized and lively beach of the area and it also has a "Blue Flag". The water is quite shallow and spotless, ideal for young children, especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the traffic is within reasonable limits. The access to the beach is free. Within 3.5 miles of fine sand you will find fully equipped beach bars  with sun loungers, recliners, umbrellas and…view more

Karatza lagoon

It is a small lagoon with salt marshes and a narrow coastal sandy beach. It’s surrounded by bare, partially cultivated hills with small islands and flat muddy land. The fishing station is located in the southeastern part of the lagoon. In the western part is the village Arogi. The Karatza lagoon is one of the most important areas in Greece for birds, with species which are breeding, migrating and wintering there.    view more

Alyki lagoon

  Alyki is a shallow coastal lagoon located between the lagoons of Ptelea and Karatzas. It’s surrounded by large salt marshes and coastal dunes, where there are no reeds nor marshes with fresh water. In the northern part of the lagoon there are salt marshes and crops that extend to the wetland.  view more