City of flavors

In Komotini you can enjoy an unexpected trip, that you have never expected to live. Flavors and aromas unprecedentedly spring from every corner of the city, as you walk through  and entice the senses.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee with various blends and flavors,emerging from the coffee mills of the center of Komotini, awakens the senses.

The unique loukumi and straws of our region offer flavors that you will not find anywhere else, except in Komotini.

Not only in the restaurants of the city  but also of the whole Municipality of Komotini, you can taste special flavors, unique recipes that provoke the senses and invite you to try them again and again. And all these are usually made with local ingredients of the Thracian land.


But the journey of flavors does not stop here. Local handmade products are available in the market of Komotini and are waiting for you to taste them, made with the meraki (unique Greek word) of the people of our place.

Anyone who tastes Komotini, has no other choice but to try it again.