Environmental treasure

Just a few people know that in the Municipality of Komotini there is a special ecosystem, which hosts flora and fauna of rare and special beauty.

The natural landscape of the Municipality of Komotini gives the opportunity to nature lovers to enjoy the mountainous regions of Rhodope , the traditional villages and wetlands, the beautiful beaches of Fanari, Arogi, Molyvoti and Mesi, which during the summer are attracting visitors from the whole region and neighboring areas and  also tourists from all over Greece and mainly neighboring countries.

The rich natural environment of the Municipality of Komotini consists of areas with great biodiversity and a significant number of rare species and habitats (Lake Mana, Lake Ptelea, Lake Aliki (Mesi), Lake Karatza (Arogi), Xirolimni (Lake Fanari), Lake Vistonida and Ismarida - Sealake Porto Lagos), many of which are protected by the international RAMSAR Treaty and the Community programs CORINE and NATURA 2000.

Furthermore, the mountain area of eastern Rhodope, an important part of which is located spatially within the Municipality, hosts a variety of forest complexes, while a large number of wildlife shelters are recorded.