Accessibility of beaches of the Municipality of Komotini

The Municipality of Komotini has a large coastline that combines beautiful beaches, landscapes of special environmental beauty, as well as tourist leisure and entertainment infrastructure for all interests.

Most of these beaches are accessible by natural landscaping for everyone, both for disabled people and for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and of course for all visitors.

However, the Municipality of Komotini has taken care to enhance the natural accessibility of the beaches, in order to facilitate people with disabilities.

More specifically, special access corridors to the sea have been installed in controlled points of the coastline, while in the same points there is the appropriate infrastructure for disabled people (toilets, showers, etc.).

Also, inside the settlement of Fanari, the Seatrack machine has been installed, which functions as an auxiliary equipment, to give people with limited mobility the opportunity to enjoy a simple activity such as swimming without any other help.

At the same time, the supply of additional equipment for the disabled people has been planned, which is expected to be on our beaches in the summer of 2021.