Ismarida lake, or Mother Lake


The Lake Ismarida, formerly "Maternal or Mother Lake”,  is located south of Rhodope, east of Lake Vistonida and within 3 km from the sea, particularly the bay Anoikto. It occupies nearly an area of 2.3 square kilometers. The maximum depth is 1.5 m and the average depth is 1 m. It’s the only lake across Thrace which has entirely fresh water and has been identified among the 11 Greek wetlands of international importance protected by the International Convention Ramsar. A big part of the lake is covered by water lilies (Nymphaea alba) and “trivolokrateles” (Trapa natans), while locally you can see the water lentil (Lemna minor) floating. Extensive reedbeds are spread in the northeastern part . Among the many protected and rare species in the area is also included the “curlew” characterized as the rarest bird in the world.