My favorite place in Komotini by Marcel Feiler from Slovakia

@System and G

Nowadays people mostly prefer to visit and explore areas where they have never been to. That is generally nice approach, anyway on the other hand it is a necessity to visit beautiful places in city where we live. We as a group of volunteers have visited almost every single museum in Komotini and we thought about whether Komotini has beautiful places to visit either not. The second question was obviously clear: ‘’What is your favourite place in Komotini?’’

First time we came here, Komotini was quite a great place to stay here for a month. Breathtaking cohabitation between Christians and Muslims is still for me impressive as much as unique architecture of local buildings. Anyway, when we started visiting museums, I was kinda disappointed with an exposure and finally I expected much more from them. Descriptions were written mostly in Greek, what is definitely one of many problems why I do not recommend a visit in case you do not have a spokesman.

On the other hand, the place I want to advise is local Archaeological Museum of Komotini. There are many reasons why it is definitely the best place to visit. At first, its location and garden set in front of building impressed me a lot and gave me one more reason to enter inside. The exposure was rich and there are much more things you can stare at. Comparing to museums in Central Europe, indoor rooms are well illuminated and you can find there much more descriptions translated to English than in other local museums. What I adore the most in this place is the room appointed for temporary exposures where we saw pictures reflecting the ordinary life in region East Macedonia and Thrace.

To sum up, Komotini has to boldly improve their cultural life and find a way how to at first engage the local people to visit these places. Personally, the Archaeological Museum of Komotini has a lot of things to see you will never regret.